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leaders of technical teams

The leader of technical teams has the complex responsibility that requires that:

  • You can deliver scientific information without fear of boring the audience.
  • You can facilitate a discussion where there are disagreements without fear.
  • You can become the memorable presenter, the one they need to come back and hear again and again.

There is a ‘science’ to presenting scientific and financial information that few understand.
There is an ‘art’ that few know how to pull off.
There is a ‘connection’ that the audience is desperate for and that is not apparent frequently enough.
The science, the art, and the connection are all skills you can learn.

Lead the discussion on your team.
Help them find the way to talk to one another.
Learn to listen strategically in order to lead better.

I need a speaker who will engage our group,
Who will help them come to their own conclusions,
Who will help them get to know one another.

When they leave I want them feeling more connected,
Knowing what to do next,
And mostly having the courage to go and do what needs to be done.

I want an expert who knows how to speak and teach.
Someone who understands our business because he listened to us first,
Then came and helped us see what we have not been able to see.