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keynotes & breakouts

The Professional Audience–Higher Expectations, Greater Needs

Professional audiences demand relevancy in all presentations…skills, concepts, and action items that can be used immediately.

They also require a presenter with the skills to help the audience reach for more.

  • Memorable,
  • Funny,
  • Interactive,
  • And important skills for use tomorrow and beyond.

The job of the keynoter is to connect quickly with the audience and move them toward the topic, the theme, the reason for being together.

In like manner the breakout meetings are for deeper work, stronger connections, and skills to implement immediately.

Kevin has spoken to produce marketing executives; medical groups in Dubai, London, and across the United States; as well as to the United States Air Force, professional accreditation associations, and privately owned companies.

Each of course with their own culture, their own needs, their own goals…whether keynoting or workshoping, Kevin knows his job is to help them learn.