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healthcare professionals

Make Your Team An Extension of Your Best Intention.

Influencing significant players in your world to secure important initiatives requires a set of skills that

  • Unifies differences
  • Teaches the real meaning of collaboration, consensus building, and cooperation across many specialties and technical populations
  • Delivers each time, every time

Safety, quality, and service are only as good as everyone on the team…and on the team itself. The team mindset for these important components comes from the individual’s commitment in action, to the goal of the group.

For the presenter the requirement is one of understanding:

  • Group dynamics
  • Pertinent challenges
  • Individual aspiration

In order to accomplish this, Kevin solicits confidential input from every attendee prior to the meeting. In this way, he isn’t giving last week’s talk simply because this is not last week’s audience. Knowing their wishes, their needs, and their recommendations from their own voices and emails is what makes each and every program targeted for each audience.

Kevin is a faculty member of the American College of Healthcare Executives.